Year 5 - Topaz

Welcome to Topaz Class page

We have been busy setting up the new classroom

View from cloakroom door
Desks and topic area
Reading corner

As you can see from the pictures above we have been very busy preparing the Topaz classroom for September.


Following Government guidance we will become the 'Topaz bubble'.  This means that  class time, break time, lunch time and assembly  will be spent all together, not mixing with other classes. The desks are set out in this way so that everyone will be facing the same direction. The children will be provided with a pen, pencil, ruler, white board, white board pen and rubber which means they will not be sharing with others. We would like each class member to bring a SMALL pencil case containing a few colouring pencils and pens that  can be  used in class when necessary. We ask that the pencils cases be kept small as there is not a lot of room on desks or in trays to store large ones.


For information about all the exciting work we have planned, plus other information, please see the class letter, topic web and timetable  attached below.


We are all very excited about next term and working with you all, but in the mean time have a fantastic summer break (you deserve it and so do your parents).


Mrs Price, Mrs Griggs and Mrs Norris





A suggested timetable for your day if working from home


9.30 - 10.00 Get some exercise (walk the dog, daily mile, run up and down the stairs 10 times! Joe Wicks is running a daily PE lesson on You Tube at 9am)

10.00 Check website for daily activities

10.05- 10.45 English or Maths

10.45-11.00 Break time and healthy snack

11.00- 11.40 Maths or English

11.40-12.00 More exercise, try some of the mindfulness exercises we learnt previously

12.00-1.00 Lunch

1.00-1.20 Daily reading or NESSY for those who have access

1.20-1.30 Times tables practise

1.30-2.30 Third activity from daily list

2.30-3.00 Get outside (if possible) and run around


Please send us any work and photos, we will look forward to seeing how you are progressing.

Stay safe

Mrs Price, Mrs Griggs and Mrs Norris

Other useful sites you can use   - each child has a username for this which was sent home last week  - each child has a username and password, but if they have lost this please contact us.

Other useful sites you could access to keep our lovely Topazians entertained are: