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Welcome to your home-learning page



This term we will be covering many new areas: it is important for you to send in what you have completed so that we can judge what is needed as the next step. With this in mind, when we put the work on this page we will 'highlight' some tasks that we definitely need to see. Please email them to us so that  we can help you with your learning.

Please send to

Thank you







Can you guess the animals used?

Horsesnakbutterfduck  (from Edward)

Wom-pus-har-o-pos   (from Amelia)

Slohumgecopion (from Evie)

Elelepeagzeb (from Ged)

Sapenugiramonkinat (Fin H)

Piandarhipo (Harrison)

Chickelmoulio (Daniel)

Crokeydilotle (Ellie)

Teachers – some information  I bet you didn't know!


The first thing to say about teachers is that they teach a range of different subjects in schools all around the world and that they all come in a variety of shapes and sizes; they have distinctive accents and various personalities. Some teachers have curly, wavy hair which they put up in a neat little bun, while others have short, silky, smart hair.


Teachers teach all the eager children whose brain cells can be heard ticking down the corridor like a clock. You can also hear a wave of giggles that fill the classroom air as children get excited about all fun new things they are learning about.


You have probably wondered why teachers are in the classroom one minute and gone the next. Well, under their desks is a secret cupboard which the teachers can climb into and munch some biscuits (usually chocolate), then they reappear back in the classroom with a very sly smile spread across their face.


It is a little known fact that after school (at about 4pm) a sound can be heard from school playgrounds. This noise is in fact the teachers all doing cartwheels across the playground - and the wild teachers also do a somersault with a leap and a jump in the air. So, next time you hear noise from the school after 4pm, take a peek.


The most extraordinary thing about teachers is their marking machine: it is a quick, clever invention. The teacher will gently push your work into the machine, and it marks the work with your teacher’s handwriting! While the work is being marked the teachers sit in the staff room (relaxing); some sip hot chocolate, while others nibble chocolate cake!


Funnily, some teachers have been heard singing to their class at the end of the school day while daintily hopping on one leg, but this is very rare.


Surprisingly, during breaktime when teachers are seen huddled together near a tree, it is because there is a secret door hidden in the tree trunk and inside is a cosy room, full of cushions, fluffy blankets and scrumptious food (chocolate cake, hot chocolate, ice-creams, chocolate bars and more chocolate).


Can you guess who wrote this information text about teachers?


Some parents have asked for the tasks to be left on the website longer (not just that day) so from now on all tasks will be left on for the week and removed the following Monday morning. I hope this helps.  Just keep scrolling down to find the work from previous days

Friday 22nd May


  • What is volume discussion problems- pick the level you would like to try.



If you have not yet done so, please write your information text about your rare animal. We had some super texts sent in yesterday - telling us about extremely interesting animals angel

Think about the structure of the original text, what phrases you can use, what is in your plan and all the wonderful punctuation (especially commas after fronted adverbials!!) you know to make this a wonderful piece of writing.

Then send it in for help with editing.




  • Today you get a chance to create your dream Rainforest dwelling. Look at the worksheet GRAND DESIGNS 2 in the resources. If you are able, open the SketchUp software as described on the sheet. The instructions you need to help you get started are on worksheets 1 and 2 in the resources.
  • If you cannot open the software, you get to draw freehand. Draw your dwelling with as much colour and detail as you can.



  • Bonjour! Je voudrais une glace au chocolat, s'il vous plait!  There is a menu and a dialogue sheet in the resources to help you role-play ordering food in a french café. See how many different things you can order!



Not only is it the end of the week, it is also the end of Term 5!

A whole week of fun and games (look on the class web page if you need some inspiration!)

See you in June.

Stay safe, we miss you

Mrs Griggs, Mrs Price and Mrs Norris


English resources

Thursday 21st May


  • Arithmetic sheet 2b
  • Capacity problems



Finally, I hear you say! Yes, today you get to write your own information text about your very own rare animal. You can tell us all about this strange animal's habitats and habits; what they eat and drink; what they look like; and how dangerous it would be if one appeared in your garden. (Just imagine the terror if one of the 'Teachers' described in the information text above suddenly appeared there!) Remember to use your plan and to magpie the structure of the original text (see resources), and any phrases you have thought might be good.

PLEASE send it in for help with editing.



T and P

PARENTS please read the background notes (in resources) before children start this work.

  • Answer 'The Big Question' about Hindu beliefs (you'll find it in resources)


English resources

Wednesday 20th May

Don't forget our Zoom meeting at 11am, if you have not got a number for the meeting please let me know. You will also need a pen/pencil and paper during the meeting (don't panic, you will just need to write a few numbers down!)


  • Practise spelling words
  • p19 Rhia Maria booklet - Write Away section. This will give you some good vocabulary to use in your own writing and to add to the box it up plan.
  • Box it up plan - it is now time to plan your own information text about a strange new creature. You could write about one of the  creatures you named last week (examples are on the web site). Or if you would like to create your own creature electronically there is a link to a web site on page 24 of the Rhia Maria booklet (switchzoo) that will enable you to make up your own creature. Complete the box it up plan attached (I have filled in some of the information for you, you just need to plan your own ideas- remember to base it on the Rhiswanozebtah text)



  • Archie has recommended this maths game- have a go
  • Measuring capacity (capacity is the amount something can hold)- for this activity you will need a measuring jug. Find a selection of containers around the house (mug, glass, bottle, egg cup etc)
  • Estimate the capacity of each of the items
  • Measure the capacity of each item by filling it with water and then using the measuring jug to measure the amount of water it held. Think back to last week's work and read the scale on the jug carefully
  • Fill in the table of information
  • Please can this work be sent to us for assessing



  • Last week you planned your kit for a trip to the rainforest. This week, imagine you are on your trip. Write a short diary extract to tell me about your trip, what do you  see, hear, smell? How does it make you feel? Use all the rainforest knowledge you have gained over the term in your diary extract.


  • Continue with your 'Family Sports Day'- don't forget to send us some pictures

Maths resources

Tuesday 19th May


  • Practise spelling chosen yesterday- complete letter by letter activity
  • Pages 16, 17 and 18 from the booklet 'Let's do some sentence imitation'



  • Complete arithmetic sheet 2a
  • Lo0k at power point slide 13 to the end
  • Complete a section of the work sheets (either sections a or b, pick the level you wish to try)



  • Forces - looking at gears on a bike
  • Read through the slides
  • Complete sheet 6A - the cogs you will need to cut out are on the second page



This week it is  Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme 'Be Kind' is focusing on the power and potential of kindness. Research shows that protecting our mental health is going to be key to us coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.

Kindness can be defined as "Doing something for yourself and others, motivated by genuine desire to make a positive difference."  We know from research that kindness and our mental health are deeply connected.  Research also shows that kindness can help with problems due to isolation and creates a sense of belonging. It helps reduce stress, brings a new outlook on a situation and deepens friendships.

Kindness to ourselves is also very important. It can help boost our self-esteem.  Kindness can even improve feelings of confidence and optimism.

So this week we would like you to be extra kind to those who are supporting you. Please use the sheet provided (or your own ideas) to make some 'Kindness awards' and present them to those around you who deserve to be recognised for all their fantastic support (don't forget yourself)

English resources

Monday 18th May


  • Spellings - choose 5 more words from the key word or statutory word list, practise them across the week and test on Friday
  • Grammar activity p15 and part of 16 from the Maria Rhia booklet attached- work on brackets
  • Create an information map of our text (like a story map but this is an information text). Remember you do not need a picture for each word, one picture could sum up a whole sentence. This should help you to learn the text really well so that you can use parts in your own writing. 



  • We are continuing our work on measure - work through the power point slides 1-13
  • Complete the sheets (pick the level you feel is correct for you- you only have to do the a or b sections, you don't need to do both).


This week should have been Sports Week and so we are missing our annual Sports Day. My challenge for you today is to pick a few 'sports day' races that you love to do and challenge someone at home to take part in your 'Family Sports Day'. You could do: egg and spoon race, skipping, ball dribbling, running, obstacle race or any of the other ones you can remember. Please take lots of photographs so that I can make our newsletter a 'Sports Day Special'. This doesn't need to be completed in one day, maybe pick one race each day this week. Give points to the winners of each race and find a 'family' winner.



Create a certificate, medal or trophy that could be given to the winner of your 'Family Sports Day'

A suggested timetable for your day.


9.30 - 10.00 Get some exercise (walk the dog, daily mile, run up and down the stairs 10 times! Joe Wicks is running a daily PE lesson on You Tube at 9am)

10.00 Check website for daily activities

10.05- 10.45 English or Maths

10.45-11.00 Break time and healthy snack

11.00- 11.40 Maths or English

11.40-12.00 More exercise, try some of the mindfulness exercises we learnt previously

12.00-1.00 Lunch

1.00-1.20 Daily reading or NESSY for those who have access

1.20-1.30 Times tables practise

1.30-2.30 Third activity from daily list

2.30-3.00 Get outside (if possible) and run around


Please send us any work and photos, we will look forward to seeing how you are progressing.

Stay safe

Mrs Price, Mrs Griggs and Mrs Norris

Fantastic work from this week

Other useful sites you can use   - each child has a username for this which was sent home last week  - each child has a username and password, but if they have lost this please contact us.

Other useful sites you could access to keep our lovely Topazians entertained are: