Our Curriculum is meaningful and relevant for the learners of our school.


Our Curriculum has been developed to ensure that we will have full coverage of the new National Curriculum 2014. It follows the programmes of study for each year group very carefully and provides the right balance between using History, Geography and Science as the main drivers. It also ensures that creative and expressive arts are also embedded throughout the curriculum. We take every opportunity to help children apply literacy and numeracy skills where it is possible to do so, providing meaningful links.


For each topic, there are a set of Learning Challenges that links directly to the History or Geography knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure that learning is progressive and continuous. We also link either creative or expressive arts into each topic so that there is breadth and balance in the coverage as a whole. The challenges require deep thinking and encourages learners to work using a question as the starting point. We have ensured that all content fits in with the context of our school and locality, ensuring the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum.


We aim to provide a variety of different learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Each topic begins with a ‘super starter’, which engages the children into the topic using a stimulus, visit or visitor etc. During the term, there will be a ‘marvellous middle’ which again could be a further stimulus or trip. At the end of a topic there will be a ‘fabulous finish’, where learners present their learning back to the rest of the class or another appropriate audience making the most of their oracy and ICT skills to do so. This often involves sharing the success’ with parents and the local community, through a performance or class assembly. This ensures that the children see the purpose to their learning. Each topic will also involve a ‘wow’ factor.


Please look at the information below for information on the curriculum we are following this academic year.

Maths Medium Term Plan

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