Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Cherhill

Mrs Norris and Mrs Morris are our two trained Anti-Bullying adults who support and train a number of Y5/6 pupils to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador.

This academic year we have 6 Y5  and 6 Y6 pupils who are trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. To become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, pupils must write a letter of application expressing why they should be chosen to fulfill the role. The letters are read by Mrs Norris, Mrs Morris and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

If selected, the pupils are introduced to the school at the start of the year and are awarded with Anti-Bullying badges. The pupils also wear blue bibs on the playground so that they are easily recognised by other pupils who might need their support.


My role as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador is to sort out any friendship issues that might happen across the year. If any issues I might face are bigger than normal friendship issues, I will go and tell one of the MDSAs in the playground.

I also support Sapphire and Amethyst class when wet play is called and visit their classrooms on a Friday afternoon during Good To Be Green time. 

I support Mrs Norris and Mrs Morris during Anti-Bullying week by holding an assembly and promoting what we do across the school.