Clothing Banks - Recycling Unwanted Textiles

Recycling textiles is an important way to minimise the overall impact that clothing has on our environment. Items that aren't suitable to be passed onto someone else can be recycled and made into new items, such as padding for chairs and car seats, cleaning cloths and industrial blankets.


Did you know there is currently no penalty for sending fabric to landfill? Instead of doing this help us to raise funds for Cherhill Primary School by putting your unwanted clothes to better use.  Everything you donate is either re-sold, reused, or recycled.  Stained, damaged and holey clothing can be recycled.  Worn out, grubby, every gram of clothing counts towards additional funds for our school.


Our bins are located outside of the school reception, just as you come through the main gates.  This is a great way to reduce waste and raise money.


Thank you