Year 2 - Amethyst

Term information for Amethyst class


I hope you have all had a lovely summer with your families and are ready to begin a new year in school J 

This term our topic has a geography focus and is called ‘Percy the park keeper’ and will have a geography focus.  Please see the topic web on the class webpage for more information about what else we will be learning about this term.  


Reading at home

Please read daily with/to your child. Your child is half way through Key Stage One now and it is crucial that you support your child now more than ever to feel confident in decoding and discussing what they have read before they enter KS2. Please see the KS1 Reading Vipers document in useful information. No matter how fluent your child is at reading, understanding what they have read is hugely important. This document lists question stems to refer to when reading with your child. It is vital that your child doesn’t simply decode the words in their book but are being challenged to explain their understanding of what they have read or have listened to.


Many thanks


Miss Catlin