FS2 - Emerald

Meet the Team!

Dear families,

We are continuing to have fun and learn lots of new things. We have really being enjoying learning about Dame Shirley Bassey with our Whole School History Pause and the artist Alma Thomas with our Whole School Art Pause. We are continuing to create art work based on Alma Thomas' art and listen and dance to Dame Shirley Bassey's music on the record player!

We are on the look out for Mr Tickle as he has been peaking through our windows and trying to tickle the teachers! We even made wanted posters for him.

Take a look below to see how we have been learning and ways that you can help your child learn at home.


Miss Horton and the EYFS Team smiley

Parent Support

Every week we will update the website with activities you can do at home with your child, which will support the learning they have been doing at school.

Please send in photos of the children enjoying these activities to Emeraldclass@cherhill.wilts.sch.uk

Week Five

Create some art work based on the artist Alma Thomas. What can you find out about her?

Talk about the people who keep you safe and the ways that you can keep yourself safe.

Practise this week's phonics at home. 

Read your book to someone different, can you read it to another member of your family? How did you get on?

Enjoy smiley 

Week Four

Share a Mr Men story with your child and ask them to tell you about the stories we have been reading at school.

Can you find some frosty spider webs on a Welly Walk.

Use household objects to make instruments.

Play a Shirley Bassey song and ask the children to tell you some facts about her.

Enjoy smiley



Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year by learning about the year of the rabbit and how the animals were chosen. We made Chinese paper lanterns, sand Chinese celebration songs and had yummy noodles for snack!

Week Three

Make a cake or some biscuits at home and support the children in using the scales to measure the ingredients.

Talk to your child about ways that they can stay safe around the house or when you are out.

Ask the children to show you what they have been doing in PE.

Talk to them about the technology they use at home and safe ways to use them.

Enjoy smiley

Week Two

Compare the heights of the people in your family. Who is the shortest, who is the tallest?

Ask your child to write a shopping list for you to use when you go shopping.

Make a face out of fruit or vegetables. Ask your child to try something new.

Please send me any photos you have of your child completing these tasks (or others) at home to Emeraldclass@cherhill.wilts.sch.uk

Enjoy smiley

Week One

Please read at least four times a week at home with your child and record it in their Reading Record.

Practise the phonics in their Phonics Books as we will be recapping and assessing the sounds this week.

Ask your child to make a thank you card to someone for a gift they recieved.

Practise writing correctly the numerals 1 to 10.

Enjoy smiley

Making Houses

Maths and Fine Motor

Identifying groups that are the same.

Caterpillar to Moth

Remembrance Day

We were really proud to paint and make poppies for Remembrance Day. We have displayed them in our classroom.

Dinosaur Eggs

We have been very curious and brave watching what has been happening to the dinosaur eggs in our classroom. At first they started to get cracks in them, then they developed red spots and now one of the dinosaurs has hatched and escaped! We have been writing about what has been happening when we do Egg Watch.               

Leaf Collecting

We had lots of fun exploring the school grounds looking for leaves of all shapes and colours. We have been looking for the best leaves to create Leaf Man pictures after reading Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. 

Sensory Garden Exploring

Enjoying the Outdoors

Previous Year

Glorious Gardening

Goodbye Ducks

Today we had to say goodbye to Digby, Delilah and Doris. We all had one last cuddle before they went back to the farm to have lots of fun with their friends. We will miss them.

Ducks, Day nine

Today the children helped to clean out the duck's cage. we then wrote instructions to help people to look after their own ducks.

We also had a visit from a lady called Sarah who was able to tell us if the ducks were boys or girls. WE have 2 girls and a boy!

Splash Splosh!

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Ducks, Day Eight

Today was bath time for the ducks! They had lots of fun in the bowl of water and even tried escaping.

Water Fun!

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Ducks Day Three


The ducks have started to hatch!

Nearly there

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Hard work

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It's started

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Getting ready for the imminent arrival

The Importance of Play

‘Play underpins the EYFS. It also underpins learning and all aspects of children's development. Through play, children develop language skills, their emotions and creativity, social and intellectual skills. For most children their play is natural and spontaneous although some children may need extra help from adults.’

Early Years Matters


Play is a crucial part of children’s development. They can learn so much through quality play. It may seem like they are ‘only playing’ but to them they are making sense of the world around them and learning and developing new skills. Therefore, it is important that they have a number of opportunities throughout their day to engage in play.