FS2 - Emerald

Meet the Team!

Dear children and families,

Welcome to our last term together which is called 'A Bucketful of Memories'. This term we will be working hard to get the children ready for their transition into Year One. 

We will be becoming independent learners and we will be making lots of memories along the way.

Please take a look at the letter and topic web below for more information.


Miss Horton and the EYFS Team smiley

Picking and Preparing the Radishes

Sports Week

The children enjoyed a large range of sports activities for our Sports Week.

It started with an obstacle course in our playground and a dance lesson by one of the children in our class.

Football in the rain, wearing wellies.

Martial Arts

Outdoor Learning

Feeding the Birds

Mr Darcy

The children were very excited to meet Mr Darcy, Mrs Marsh's cockerel!

Spring Lamb

Mrs Marsh is currently looking after a lamb and she has been kind enough to bring it into school. We are learning how to be kind and caring towards the lamb. She has been named Nancy after Mrs Marsh's grandma.

Day eight

The chicks are growing fast and we can see huge changes in them. Their wings are growing and they love running and jumping about in their brooder box.


Day five

Today was the day that the children got to hold a chick! We were super impressed with how gentle they were with them.

Day Three

Overnight we have had 5 chicks hatch! The children were super excited to come in and see them this morning. We are also closely watching one more egg that has a big hole and a little beak poking through.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Day Two

The children have been watching the eggs very carefully and they have seen a few of the eggs wobbling. They have also seen some cracks appear where the chicks have been using their egg tooth to break through the shell. This is called pipping.

If the children listened very very carefully they could also hear some cheeping!

Breaking News!

Today we have had 10 chick eggs delivered in an incubator. One of our lovely Cherhill families has kindly donated the eggs so that we can hatch them.

As of 4pm we have 3 of the 10 eggs wobbling and we can hear some cheeping! 

Keep a watch on this page for more updates.

Wobbling Eggs

Still image for this video

Wobbling Eggs

Still image for this video

Wobbling Eggs

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Plants and potatoes!

PE with Kingsbury Green students

St David's Day Welsh Cakes

Our Music Tree

Mrs Marsh kindly made us a new Music Tree in the holiday and we have been exploring the sounds we can make by using different beaters. It is so much fun!

Links to videos to help learning at home.

Below are links to some of the videos we use to help us with our Phonics and Maths.  Ask your child to show you what we do in school. These are really helpful to use at home.

Chinese New Year

The children enjoyed learning how people celebrate Chinese New Year. They loved the yummy noodles and rice that we had for snack and each of the children received a red envelope with coins for luck.

Mr Men & Little Miss

In gymnastics the children have been learning lots of different moves and have used them to tell animal stories. Ask the children if they can show you what they have been doing. They have been learning to do a straight, a straddle, a star, a pike and a tuck.

They have then used these moods to create the story. Ask the children to show you a tree, a rock, a river, a caterpillar, a snake, a bear, a scorpion and a crab.

Partitioning 8

The children have been partitioning numbers up to 8 and have been exploring how many different ways they can make that number. Ask your child to show you at home.

Winter Welly Walk

The children went on a Welly Walk around the school to look at the changes in the environment. Talk to your child about what they saw, using the photos below.

Last Christmas

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Still image for this video

Merry Christmas Everyone

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Child Initiated Nativity Role Play

Mathematics in play!

In Maths we have been learning to subitise. The children loved the activity so much that they set it out for themselves so that they could build on their learning.

Egg Watch

Last week we found two eggs in a nest. We were thinking and talking about who the eggs could belong to. We thought about birds, spiders and crocodiles.

On Tuesday we received a letter from mummy dinosaur asking us to look after her eggs.



We have been busy looking at the changes and recording them on our Egg Watch.


We have been learning about why people wear poppies at this time of year. Miss Horton was very impressed with us as we were able to do our 2 minutes silence. We all made a poppy which we then used to create a wreath for our classroom door.