FS2 - Emerald

Hello to all of the lovely Emerald families,


Welcome back to school after your Easter holiday! I hope that you had a fabulous time with your families and that you were able to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine!

Please can I remind you that we will be outside in all weathers and the children will need appropriate clothing and suncream will need to be applied before the children come to school.

Please keep checking this page regularly as we will be adding lots of photos of all of the fun we are having, with our learning, at school.



Miss Horton and the EYFS Team smiley

Weekly House Tokens


Red House  - 16 tokens


Blue House - 17 tokens


Yellow House - 12 tokens


Green House - 14 tokens


We can be heroes!

Wonderful Woodpecker

Today we had a special visitor to our playground. As we were reading a story we heard a tapping noise and we went outside very quietly to explore.

After standing still for a little while and listening very carefully we found a Great Spotted Woodpecker on the tree. 

Miss Horton got a very blurry picture of it and we are now planning things we can do to welcome him back to our playground. 

Hint, it's right at the top on the right hand side.

Under Construction!

We are very busy at the moment building a new construction play area.

Watch this space for updates!


Astronaut Training

The Importance of Play

‘Play underpins the EYFS. It also underpins learning and all aspects of children's development. Through play, children develop language skills, their emotions and creativity, social and intellectual skills. For most children their play is natural and spontaneous although some children may need extra help from adults.’

Early Years Matters


Play is a crucial part of children’s development. They can learn so much through quality play. It may seem like they are ‘only playing’ but to them they are making sense of the world around them and learning and developing new skills. Therefore, it is important that they have a number of opportunities throughout their day to engage in play.


Counting Videos

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