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Good morning Pearl Class!

Pearl Class newsletter Issue 2

Pearl weekly overview w/b Monday 18th January 2021

Friday 22nd January 2021

Happy Friday, Pearl Class and we've made it to the end of another week - yippee!

Hopefully we'll see lots of you on our Zoom at 10am and we've got some fun things lined up including Bingo which is back by popular demand.  The Zoom tends to last about an hour and will include some reading, times tables and fractions so there's less for you to do this morning!


Why not ask a grown up to give you a quick spelling quiz to see how well you've remembered them? Or imagine we're doing handwriting at school and focus on the lead ins, joins and formation of your letters.



It's the next activity in your booklet today, please or catch up on any writing you might have missed. You might be writing the paragraph about the Trolls favourite food - will it be 'human food' such as pizza or porridge, or some a bit more yucky to us, such as frogspawn or snail slime? I'd love to read about your Troll treats so please send them in!



Times Tables

We'll be using x3, x2, x5 AND x10 for Bingo today - so job done!



Today we are introducing 'equivalent' fractions - fractions which have the same value. Here’s BBC Bitesize again! The first half shows how to work out equivalent fractions, you can stop after the video clip (then it goes on on to talk about simplifying fractions –try it if you’re brave enough!) Alternatively, there's a power point that will explain how to work them out. If you'd like a challenge there will be an activity to choose in the resources and a few more on the weekly overview. See how far you get!


Later... It's usually P.E. on a Friday afternoon and you could choose from one of the listed activities below, or go for a walk or bike ride. You may have enjoyed the skipping challenge (crumbs, those double jumps were tricky!) or Go Noodle, or perhaps Joe Wicks is your favourite? Whatever you choose, have fun while you make your heart beat faster!


Finally, it's 'Good to be Green' and time to find something to do that relaxes you. Some people will like that to be a calming activity, others need to wear off some energy or be creative but whatever you choose, make it something that makes you happy, relaxed and ready for a weekend with your lovely family.  Have fun, everyone!



Thursday 21st January 2021

Good morning, Pearl Class and thank you for logging on this morning! I'm aware that we may be catching up a little today as there may have been a few 'hiccups' yesterday, including the weather, which may have made our soil investigation a no-no for some of you! So, here we go...

It appears that lockdown madness has struck and I may have given you the same maths activity AND asked you to label a volcano AGAIN - SORRY! I have added a couple of extra thigs to the resources section to compensate. Apologies again. 



We had a few emails yesterday asking about the Boxing up grid for English - it's on p15 of the booklet and looks a little different to the ones we use at school. Don't worry though - it's aim is to help give you a structure that will help your writing imitate the structure of the text 'The Truth about Trolls'. If you didn't manage to find it yesterday or didn't complete the work (there was a lot to do and we didn't get it all done at school either, so please don't worry!) then have another look at it today, please. Please spend today completing the table with your ideas for adapting the Troll text by just changing a few words here and there, then have a go at any writing you might have missed.



Have another look at your spellings - Rainbow writing or Tic Tac Toe are fun ways to practise them. 

If you'd like to challenge yourself, you could find your words in a dictionary (or google them), then write a sentence about their meaning.



Times Tables

x3s again today please - any way you'd like to! We'll be using x3, x2, x5 AND x10 on Friday!



Some more fractions we're ordering them on a number line.  Using a fraction strip might have been a bit tricky yesterday so this should be more straight forward. Here's a clip to give you the idea and the resource saved below has three levels of difficulty so please choose the one you're happy with - then try a harder one when you've completed it!! laugh


You might like to do the Science from yesterday or...

Topic - Volcanoes!

Today we are going to find out about the ‘Ring of Fire’ (no, not the Johnny Cash song, grown ups - yes, I can hear you singing it!) but the places around the world where volcanoes are most commonly found) and mark it on a world map. We are also going learn about the structure of a volcano and, if you'd like an extra challenge, you could research some famous volcanoes, find out when they last erupted and where they are in the world! Phew! You may have looked at this page before, but it has a lot of information on it so is worth another look.


Health and wellbeing

If you need to cool down after all that volcanic heat, why not have a go at some guided relaxation? At school, we enjoy the 'Flow' section on Go Noodle or you could try some yoga on Cosmic Kids which is on youtube! And breathe........ smiley


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good morning, Pearl Class and I hope you’re all having a brilliant week and it was fantastic to see so many of you (and your pets) on Zoom yesterday – thank you for joining us!


I (Mrs Cameron) shall be working in school today so please forgive me if I don’t respond to your emails during the day. I will have my hands full with our key worker children but will do my best to catch up after school, then be back with you online tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s what we have lined up for today.



Here's a link to a fun game 

If you'd like to challenge yourself, you could write them in a sentence and highlight the particular word you've used.

Group 1: return, revisit, reappear, renew

Group 2: distrust, disappear, discontinue, return, revisit

Group 3: distrust, disappear, discontinue, overturn, overtake, oversee



Today we are going to make notes on our “boxing up” grid (just like the “imitation” stage we did in class) by writing a sentence in each box will to sum up what happens in that paragraph (the table for doing this will be in the resources for today) BUT making 3 changes: 1, change the description of the troll, 2, think of somewhere else it might live, 3, think of a different food for it to eat. YOU DON’T NEED TO WRITE A LOT ON THE TABLE, JUST A FEW WORDS TO REMIND YOU. Then, have a go at writing your own description of a troll -PLEASE CHECK OUR WEEKLY OVERVIEW FOR MORE DETAILS



Times Tables

Today I would like you to brush up on your x3s! There are lots of ways of doing that so pick the one that suits you best - games such as, songs on youtube, chanting or a quiz while you're walking the dog!



Today we're comparing fractions with different denominators(do you remember what that word means?) This might help then there are activities in the resources section. If you're feeling confident then challenge yourself to complete the problems on the weekly overview.



Our Science focus today is 'what is soil?' There’s lots of very interesting information on BBC Bitesize, here is just one of the clips you'll find there.

There's an investigation to do which will help you find out about the soil in your garden as long as you don't mind getting your hands dirty! Have a look in the resources section for a soil comparison activity as well then head out into the garden!


Health and wellbeing

Some people find colouring really relaxing so I've added a choice of 'Mindfulness colouring' sheets in the resources. Why not have a go? 



Tuesday 19th January 2021


Thank you for any work I saw yesterday, you are all amazing and doing so well! Today we have our class zoom at 10am, hope to see you there, invitations have been sent. Any problems, as always, drop us an email. Have a good day! 

Monday 18th January 2021


We hope you have had a lovely weekend and that you are all ready for another week of home schooling with us. Above you will find the weekly overview with all the information that you need for this week. Tomorrow we will have our class zoom at 10am, an invitation will be with you at some point today. Remember one of us is always at the end of an email if you require any help with any of your work. Have a fun day and I look forward to seeing anything that you wish to share with me today. 


Some of you have been touch as they have been unable to access classroom secrets, you can get a free 14 day trial for free but if you do not wish to do this, here is an alternative activity. You can login for free to this website Please ask your child to read chapter 1 of this book and if you could then ask them some questions to check their understanding, there is some guidance on the website to the types of questions to ask and also on the front cover of the book. 



Pearl Class Newsletter Issue 1

Useful websites and games Dan the skipping man


Lockdown Learning - here we go again!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the first few days of the new year were lots of fun for you and your families! We're so sad that we now find ourselves in lockdown once more and will support you in every way we can though the weeks ahead.  The work which will be put on this class page will be a reflection of the work we would be doing in class - although obviously not in as much detail or with as much differentiation. 


We appreciate that all of the wonderful children  in Pearl Class have their own areas of strength and weakness(and attention spans) so the work we set will be aimed at the "middle ground". If your child finds it too challenging, please let us know and we will provide an alternative. If you feel the need for further challenge, there are some wonderful resources on the internet or in good, old-fashioned books! If all else fails then concentrating on times tables, reading and discussing a variety of books and getting outside for a stomp around will hopefully keep everyone sane.


We would love to see and comment on your completed work (which can then be sent to us via the class email or will also be thrilled to see photos of your lockdown fun. Please feel free to contact us if you need any support.  If you haven't yet contacted us to confirm your email addresses, please do so as we will use those details to send out Zoom invitations and weekly newsletters.


If you need some extra ideas then scroll down right to the bottom of this page (below all the usual information) and there are some extra websites and resources listed that you can use.

If you are missing your PE lessons here are some from PH Sports that you might like to try.


Stay safe everyone, we will hopefully see you all soon.

Mrs Cameron, Mrs Olejnik and Mrs Warner  XXX


Pearl weekly overview w/b Monday 11th January 2021