Year 3 - Pearl

Welcome to Pearl Class!

Star of the week is JOSEPH!! Well done for having such a positive attitude to school and learning, Joseph!


This week our Values Ambassador is FINLEY who was chosen by JOHNNY for showing Honesty and Care.


Our House Points for the week:

Blue: 18

Green: 14

Red: 12

Yellow: 11

Dates for your Diary – Term 1

Please look at the school website as dates will be confirmed as guidance allows


Welcome back to school! We are so excited about returning to school with the new Year 3 and can’t wait to get started. We hope that you have all had a relaxing summer and the children are raring to take on the new challenges of Key Stage 2!


As we are sure that you will all appreciate, this term will be time-tabled a little differently. Following Government guidance, the school is using the Recovery Curriculum which has a focus on emotional and mental well-being alongside the core curriculum. This means that we will plan in short breaks during the academic learning to support the children’s successful return to school life.


For more information about lesson times please see our class time table, and for all subjects we are covering this term, please see the topic web on our class webpages.



Appropriate outdoor PE kit needs to be in school every day. Please refer to our uniform policy. Children who do not have appropriate kit (including trainers for outdoor PE) will not be allowed to take part and will be sent to another class with work. A letter will be sent home informing you, if this occurs.



As part of Healthy Schools, could we remind you that at snack time the children should have a healthy snack (this may include fruit, vegetables and breadsticks). The children must also bring in a drink of water in a named sports top bottle in case the weather is warm enough for them to need drinks in class.



As the children are now in Lower Key Stage 2, we have high expectations for their presentation and ability to apply what they have learnt. We expect children to take pride in their learning and always produce work to the best of their ability. Expectations will be co-created with the children at the beginning of term.



  • Reading is an essential part of our learning and we expect the children to read at least 4 times a week at home, which needs to include their bug club book at least once. We will be encouraging the children to try more adventurous book choices in school and hope they will

Home learning is as follows:


Monday – Spellings (which will be tested on Fridays where possible) plus Reading

Tuesday – Reading

Wednesday – Maths activity (to be completed for Monday) and Reading

Thursday – Handwriting/ Spelling and Reading

Friday – Reading

Home learning will start in the first full week of term.


We hope you find this information useful in supporting your child in their learning. Thank you for taking the time to read our class letter.  Please look at all our information about this term on Pearl class page on the school website If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


A few reminders

•        Children need to complete their home learning in books in appropriate blue pen or pencil, and hand it in the next day. 

•        Home learning should only take approximately 15/20 minutes. If your child takes longer to complete the work, please let us know as soon as possible. If it is not possible to complete home learning on the set day, please let us know via the home record books.

•        Children are now in KS2 and we encourage them to become more independent. In order to minimise the need to share stationery, please could your child bring their own small NAMED pencil case to school containing basic equipment such as some colours a rubber, pencil sharpener etc. Please note we will supply a school pen and pencil, glue sticks and long rulers. There will be a set day on which your child can change their reading book and this will only happen if they have been listened to by a member of staff.

•        Your child will receive raffle tickets for reading at home as long as their superstar reading book has been signed and these will be entered into a weekly prize draw!


We hope you find this information useful in supporting your child in their learning. If you have any questions please have a look on our class pages on the website or pop in to see us.



Mrs Cameron , Mrs. Olejnik and Mrs. Warner