Year 3 - Pearl

Home learning Thursday 2nd April

Please get in contact if there is any support that we can offer with home learning, our email address is


Tasks for today (more detail saved in the resources lower down)


  • 10 minutes times table practice - use times table rock stars
  • Adding fractions. Today we'll continue strengthen our skills at adding fractions with the same denominator (digit below the line)with an activity sheet saved in the "Home learning resources" list below, along with another game.



We'll do some more work on using different types of nouns today - common nouns, proper nouns and pronouns

  • There's a powerpoint presentation save in the resources list below
  • Follow up your learning with an activity sheet about different types of noun.
  • 10 minutes reading with a grown-up.


  • Today we're thinking about the conditions that a seed needs to germinate and plant needs to grow healthily.
  • Here are some great clips to watch and  
  • Could you experiment with growing some seeds, dried beans or even carrot tops in a jar or saucer? What conditions do they need to make them grow well?
  • Perhaps you could begin a diary and again, send Mrs Cameron and Mrs Olenjik any photographs please! smiley


Here are some lovely observational drawings of leaves! Well done, Jude!

Here are some lovely observational drawings of leaves! Well done, Jude! 1

Weekly newsletters


Pearl Class Newsletter Issue 1!

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Star of the week is


for her funny talking seal! Well done :) 




There is a more detailed daily page for the children to look at (see below) with websites/games etc for them to choose from and any extra resources will be saved on this page


We're so pleased to see that many of you are logging onto Times Tables Rockstars, the passwords for which were sent home along with a letter containing their Classroom secrets kids log on details, which is another excellent resource.  Please feel free to explore the resources for a range of year groups to find activities suitable for your child. If you have any questions about the homework or would like to send any work to us to make us smile, please use the Pearl class email address:


Please email us if there is any support we can offer during this difficult time.

Stay safe and we'll look forward to seeing you all soon,

Mrs. Olejnik and Mrs Cameron