Christmas Fayre 2022 - 9th December, 1.30pm

Christmas Fayre 2022

9th December, 1.30pm


The Christmas Fayre will run from 1.30pm on Friday the 9th December 2022. You are all welcome to attend the event, collect your child(ren) from their classrooms and wander the halls of the school to enjoy the different classes festive stalls and games. After your child has been collected from their classroom, they are then your responsibility, and you are able to leave with them when you are ready. If you are unable to attend your child(ren) will not miss out as they will be escorted around the fayre, taken to Father Christmas, by our older children and volunteers.


Please complete the contact forms below for the Father Christmas Visit and if you are interested in having a stall at the Fayre - or print off the form from the below PDF which explains in more detail about the Fayre.


Thanks in advance!

Father Christmas Visit

By completing this contact form can you please confirm if you give/don’t give permission for your child(ren) to have their photograph taken with Father Christmas and to have this picture emailed to the email address below. You also agree that if payment has not been received for you child(ren) to visit Father Christmas the day before the fayre, the slot may be given to another child. Please include details in the message box as per the below (copy and past and insert required information) Child(ren)s name(s): Class(es): Preferred time slot (please choose from) 1.30pm–1.45pm; 1.45pm–2.00pm; 2.00pm–2.15pm; 2.15pm¬-2.30pm; 2.30pm–2.45pm; 2.45pm–3.00pm: Please also let us know if your child(ren) have any food allergies.

Christmas Fayre Stalls – Expression of Interest

Please complete the below if you are interested in having a stall at our Christmas Fayre. Please include details of the products that you would be selling. Thank you!