Year 4 - Ruby


Just a little note about homework. Maths is given on the Friday and should be returned on the Monday. 

English is sent on a Monday. The children can choose which spellings they do (apples, oranges or pears) unless they have been given personalised words. If I feel they need to change group I will let you know in the home school record. 

They should do one line of each word AND a sentence using each word in it. This does not have to come back to me until Friday. Please focus on the basics of punctuation and handwriting at first when completing these. The children will have a spelling test each Friday on the words they have been learning. 

Reading should be being done throughout the week also. 

Thank you in advance for your support.


House points

Red- 33

Yellow- 16

Blue- 16


Values ambassador!

Danny smiley

For happiness, imagination and a lot of aspiration!

Star of the week! 

Mia smiley

For always having a positive attitude to her learning

Ruby Class is ready for the start of the year- but there is something very important missing... YOU!!!! We can't wait to welcome you back to school :-)

We really can't wait to welcome you back to school, but we know some of you might feel a bit worried and that is normal. But I promise you that although things will look and feel a bit different at first you will be OK and all the adults in our class UNDERSTAND your worries.smiley


The grown ups you will see in the classroom are me (Mrs Barker) Mrs Collier, Mrs Macauley and sometimes Mrs Matthieson.


When you are in school we will be the 'Ruby class bubble' and that means that when you are in school you will not mix with any other class or children, we will all just stay together. We will be together at break time and lunch time and assembly time too.


Our desks are set out in rows facing the front. You will all be given a pencil or a pen, ruler, whiteboard, whiteboard pen and rubber which means you wont be sharing with anyone else. You ARE allowed to bring a SMALL pencil case with your own colours as we won't be able to share the ones in the class. Your pencil case should be small enough to fit into your tray at school.


You won't be able to bring in anything for Good To Be Green for a little while yet, but don't worry we will still enjoy our well earned GTBG time.


For more information about the things we willl be learning have a look at the Parent information below...


Can't wait to see you all!



Some spelling resources if you would like to access them