Year 4 - Ruby

World book day!

Missing Persons Map - ‘Find Cata’

Isa and Pablo are searching for Cata, who has gone missing from their village, Gromera.
Cata’s appearance is not described in the story, we only know that she’s a girl, the
same age as Isabella.
You can discuss and make decisions about Cata’s appearance or come up
with your own personal ideas as to what Cata looks like. 
Can you design a missing poster to ask the other villagers for help to find her?


Aging Paper

On her adventures, Isa’s map gets wet, muddy and damaged...but in the process, it
reveals a magical secret too! You could try drawing and making your own map, but to make it more
interesting… why don’t you try to make the paper you will draw upon look like it’s been on an
You will need:
• Thick (cartridge) paper – A3 ideally
• Tea bags
• Coffee granules
• Water
• Pots to mix in
• Paint brushes / small sponges
• Masking tape (or normal tape will do!)


What to do:
1. Tape your paper to your desktop, along all edges, to secure it
2. Experiment with mixing different amounts of coffee granules with water
(you’ll only need a little water!) and brush or sponge on to your paper.
You might want to start at the edges and work into the middle
3. You can dip your tea bag into water and use it like a sponge to make marks
and change the colour of your paper
4. Keep working until you’re happy with the colour / texture of your map paper!
5. Leave it to try before removing the tape, if you can!

Please also have a go at some of the times tables activities at the bottom of the page.

Elf run!

We are ready for Christmas, and we are ALL on the nice list :-)

Ice lollies! In Science we have been looking at states of matter, so we designed and made ice lollies (and then we ate them on the coldest day of the year so far!)

Your trak certificates!

Welcome to Ruby class!



School council

Millie and Finley 


Green council

Oscar and Joseph