Year 4 - Ruby

Work for Wednesday 1st February


Below are some suggested activities from the Oak National Academy, feel free to explore the site and do more / different activities to complement your child’s learning.






Other activities

Practise times tables

Reading- read and talk about your school book, or a favourite book form home. Write a book review.

Practise handwriting.

Write a short story

Research your history or geography topics (see class topic web)

Art whole school pause- we created images in the style of Lee Krasner (the wife of Jackson Pollock)

Merry Christmas!

Ice lollies... some that were delicious and some not quite so tasty!

Graffiti Art- wheatpasting

We have had lots of fun recreating the digestive system this term, and using digestive enzymes to see how food is digested in the body...

Welcome to Ruby class!