Who's Who

Picture 1 Mr Andrew Ind
Picture 2 Miss Aimee Jolliffe
Picture 3 Mrs Katie Burton
Picture 4 Mrs Sarah Price
Picture 5 Mrs Clare Randall
Picture 6 Mrs Sue Griggs
Picture 7 Mrs Anna Olejnik
Picture 8 Miss Charlotte Catlin
Picture 9 Mrs Louise Mackenzie
Picture 10 Mrs Tracey Hinton
Picture 11 Mrs Amanda Warner
Picture 12 Mrs Louise Vowden
Picture 13 Mrs Sam Matthieson
Picture 14 Mrs Heather Morris
Picture 15 Mrs Kerry Elgar
Picture 16 Mrs Jenna Munns
Picture 17 Mrs Suzanne Graham
Picture 18 Mrs Rachel Macauley
Picture 19 Mrs Nicki Stagg
Picture 20 Mrs Gail Jones
Picture 21 Mrs Emma Marsh
Picture 22 Mrs Lisa Barker
Picture 23 Mrs Nicola Cameron
Picture 24 Mrs Paula Norris
Picture 25 Mrs Natalie Collier
Picture 26 Mrs Karen Blake
Picture 27 Mrs Jessica Caudle
Headteacher Mr Andrew Ind
Deputy Headteacher Miss Aimee Jolliffe
Teaching Staff:  
Foundation (Emerald Class) Mrs Cheryl Horton
Years 1  (Sapphire Class) Mrs Katie Osborne & Mrs Katie Burton
Years 2 (Amethyst Class) Miss Charlotte Catlin
Years 3  (Pearl Class) Mrs Nicki Cameron & Mrs Anna Olejnik
Years 4 (Ruby Class) Mrs Lisa Barker
Year 5 (Topaz Class) Mrs Sarah Price & Mrs Sue Griggs
Year 6 (Diamond Class) Miss Aimee Jolliffe and Mrs Alison Kolade
Learning Support Assistants:  
  Mrs Heather Morris
  Mrs Louise Vowden
  Mrs Jenna Munns
  Mrs Louise Mackenzie
  Mrs Jessica Caudle
  Mrs Tracey Hinton
  Mrs Rachael Macauley
  Mrs Amanda Warner
  Mrs Paula Norris
  Mrs Sam Matthieson
  Mrs Kerry Elgar

Mrs Karen Blake

Mrs Natalie Collier

  Mr Nathan Bliss
Lunchtime Team:  
  Mrs Kerry Elgar
  Mrs Emma Marsh
  Mrs Tracey Hinton
  Mrs Suzanne Graham
  Mrs Natalie Collier
  Mrs Jessica Caudle
  Mrs Paula Norris
  Mrs Amanda Warner

Mrs Louise Vowden

Mrs Karen Blake

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs Nicki Stagg
  Mrs Rachael Macauley
  Mrs Gail Jones
Business Manager Mrs Clare Randall
Clerical Assistant Mrs Marie Shotton
Office P.A. Mrs Emma Marsh
P.A. to staff Mrs Nicki Stagg
Cleaner in charge Mrs Julie Pearce
Cleaner Mrs Linda Cooper