The Bug Club

We have recently invested in a new school reading scheme titled ‘Bug Club’ and we are all very excited about it!

The Bug Club
Bug Club is a whole-school reading programme designed for use at Foundation, KS1 and KS2. It is the first phonic-based reading programme to join books with an online reading world, to teach today’s children to read. Children will have access to a wide range of paper-back books, along with their own personalised reading world which includes: interactive activities, characters they know and love and rewards to keep them motivated. This will create that all important link between school and home.


The books are carefully graded to match the children’s reading ability and the importance is placed upon children going back and re-reading the books, playing games to reinforce their understanding. This skill is will develop the children’s comprehension skills and moves away from the children reading books at a fast pace to get ‘through a colour band’. Children have now been given their own login to access their online reading world. On their homepage the children will see books allocated by their teacher which they can read. When they complete the quizzes, they can earn ‘Bug points’ which can be exchanged for online rewards.

Lots of schools are already using Bug Club in their classrooms to great effect. They love the flexibility of the readers and eBooks and children are really motivated to pick up and read the Phonics Bug and Bug Club books, and more importantly, take them home to re-read or access them via Bug Club’s online reading world.

Please see the PowerPoint presentation in the documents section of this page, to find out more.

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