This page is for all those, who like me, love to sing. Here you will find access to lyrics and songs that you might like to learn at home. Happy singing.



Out of the Ark are releasing seven songs every week while schools are closed for children to sing at home. There are tunes available for children in FS2 through to Year 6 with lyrics, performance tracks, song activities and some tunes have dance moves whilst others have Makaton sign language to learn! Just go to  to access all this completely free!


Elevenses with on YouTube features various performers from the 2020 Young Voices concerts sharing interactive tutorials, demonstrations and performances for children to join in with whilst staying safe at home. For lyrics and sheet music and also the links to all the Elevenses with … activities go to


Let’s Get Singing


Here are two songs you may like to learn, Hey Little Frog aimed at FS2 and KS1, is a catchy tune exploring the lifecycle of a frog. While for KS2, One Moment, One People is a song about working together and making positive connections with each other. 

Hey little frog! (performance track).mp3

One moment, one people - Unison version (performance track).mp3