Music Activity Board


Sing a long to your favourite song!






Listen to a piece of classical music and draw how it makes you feel.



Research a famous singer or musician and find out ten facts about them.




Make instruments out of items in your house.






Practice an instrument.








Watch a musical film e.g. My Fair Lady, The Lion King, Mamma Mia.




Compose a piece of music using body percussion.






Play ‘Don’t Clap This One’.








Create a music quiz for your family.








Find out about an African instrument. Draw a picture of it and write some information about it. 


Have a go on the Ipad app Garage Band.








Listen to a genre of music you have not listened to before e.g. jazz, gospel, folk, heavy metal.


Research and make a poster about a famous composer.






Design a costume or set for a musical.








Dance to a piece of music. Why not try something different like samba or salsa music.


Watch some ballet on YouTube e.g. The Nutcracker, Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty.


Design a new instrument.








Learn some beatboxing or rapping skills.







Write some rhythms and practice playing them.






Create a playlist with music that makes you happy.





Listen to some music while you do some mindfulness colouring.





Listen to ten minutes of classical music on YouTube.





Ask a family member about their favourite piece of music and listen to it.



Create a poster about all the music vocabulary you know.





Bounce a ball in time to the beat of a song.







Sing in the bathroom as loud as you can!






Teach a family member a song.






Write a song or rap.