Year 3/4 - Pearl


Mrs Becky Sivyer

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Amanda Goodship-Warner

PPA cover

Mrs Foster-Bazin and Ascend


It’s hard to believe that we have now reached the final term of the year! Where has the past year gone? There are some key events happening this term so please do check the school website for the dates of these.


‘Where in the World?’ is the name of our topic this term, and focuses on learning about locations around the UK and in the wider world. Our science work about ‘States of Matter’ will link very well with our DT work where we will be making biscuits. If you would like to offer your cooking skills, please come and talk to us.

As part of our BLP (Building Learning Power), this term’s ‘R’ is ‘Reflectiveness.



Monday – Reading and Spellings

Tuesday – Reading

Wednesday – Reading and Handwriting

Thursday – Reading

Friday – Reading and Brain busters



A few reminders

  • Children need to complete their home learning in books in appropriate blue pen or pencil. It also needs to be handed in the next day – well done to those who remember to put their books in the correct place. Remember, they can access their e-Books online on the children all know their logins.
  • There will be a set day on which your child can change their reading book and this will only happen if they have been listened to by a member of staff.
  • Your child will receive rewards for reading at home as long as their superstar reading book has been signed – this can be by you, grandparents, older siblings etc.
  • Home learning should only take approximately 15 minutes. If your child takes longer to complete the work, please let us know as soon as possible. If it is not possible to complete home learning on the set day, please let us know via the home record books.
  • Please ensure your child has a healthy snack for break time, this could be fruit, cheese and crackers or vegetable sticks etc. Please be aware fruit winders are not suitable for a snack.
  • Children must also bring in a drink in a bottle with a ‘sports’ top, this is essential as the days start to become warmer (we still had some children last term who did not have a drink with them every day).




We expect the children to read at least 3 times a week, which needs to include their bug club book at least twice. Each time your child reads to someone at home and a comment is written in their reading record they will receive a reward point and a raffle ticket which will now be kept in a separate reading box. If they manage to read for four consecutive evenings they will receive 2 further raffle tickets. The raffle tickets allow the children entry into The Grand Draw will be held at the end of each term, so get reading!



We were pleased to see that more children had their PE kit in school last term. Just a reminder that children who do not have appropriate kit (including trainers for outdoor PE) will not be allowed to take part and will be sent to another class with work. A letter will be sent home informing you, if this occurs. Please refer to our uniform policy for the correct outdoor PE kit.


Open Door Policy


DON’T FORGET! Here at Cherhill we operate an open door policy. If you need to discuss anything, please feel free to pop into the classroom before or after school starts. If you require a longer meeting please make an appointment via the school office.


Mrs B Sivyer