The Gem Project

The Gem Project

How much do you sparkle?

At Cherhill we have taken on board the ‘Gem Project’ which was introduced by Tom Robson, following a training day. It centres around seven gems, which link with learning powers. These powers help children become independent and life-long learners and link closely with ‘Building Learning Power’. Gems are awarded to class treasure boxes for children who sparkle.

Do you have the gem power?

Emerald Power

When we are learning we are:

  • brave and happy to give it a go
  • made a mistake and corrected it without getting upset
  • bounced back a number of times without getting frustrated

Sapphire Power

When we are learning we are:

  • able to get on with our learning even when there are lots of things to distract us

Pearl Power

We will always tell the truth, even if we think it will get you in trouble.

Diamond Power

When we are learning:

  • we can say what problems we are having
  • we can ask questions (what/why/how/which/where … do you think ….) about our problems with our partner/s
  • we can think of ways of solving our problems without asking the teacher

Topaz Power

When we learn we:

  • know when it’s best to work in larger groups (three or more)
  • take turns to share our ideas
  • we ask each other questions so we know our ideas have gone into each other’s heads
  • make sure if someone needs help with an idea, we give them ours

Amethyst Power

When we learn we:

  • are happy to talk to others and explain our ideas
  • listen to each other
  • share what we think with our partner so we have the same ideas
  • check to make sure we both have the same ideas in our head
  • know what our partners might be feeling

Ruby Power

When we learn we can make someone else feel great because they have:

  • put new ideas into their head by listening to others
  • asked questions to help others think
  • helped others get a new idea into their head
  • understood how others feel when they are learning

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