Our Classes

Our Classes

Our classes are named after gems from the Bible. The children, with some help from our Vicar, “Our Friend Philip”, chose the names of the classes.

The school is organised into 7 classes. Currently all classes except the reception class are mixed year groups. This ensures that all classes are below 30 and that staff have a partner teacher to plan and teach with.

The classes are as follows:

EmeraldReception - Emerald Class
(Mrs Nicky Prescott)
SapphireYear 1/2 – Sapphire Class
(Miss Charlotte Catlin)
Year 1/2 - Amethyst Class
(Mrs Jacqui Walker and Miss Anna Pearce)
RubyYear 3/4 – Ruby Class
(Mrs Kirsty Burridge)
PearlYear 3/4 – Pearl Class
(Mrs Becky Sivyer)
TopazYear 5 – Topaz Class
(Mrs Katie Spreadbury)
DiamondYear 6 – Diamond Class
(Mrs Sarah Price and Mrs Sue Griggs)