Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

The aim of the Government’s new Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is to raise achievement amongst disadvantaged children.

The targeted and strategic use of the Pupil Premium Grant will support us in achieving our aims of ensuring that we address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and their peers, by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches those pupils who need it most. The funding is worked out on the number of children at Cherhill who are on Free School meals (FSM), who are the children of parents who work in the armed forces or who are Children Looked After (CLA).

We aim to show you how we decide what provision is suitable and how the money has been spent. Funds will be allocated following a needs analysis which will identify priority classes, groups or individuals. Limited funding and resources means not all children receiving PPG funding will be in receipt of interventions at one time. It also shows you the progress made by children (without naming them) who have benefitted from the PPG funding.

If you have any questions about PPG then please make an appointment to talk to the Headteacher who will be happy to discuss PPG and if your child is entitled to this extra support.


PPG Statement for 2014-15

PPG Statement for 2015-16

Planned expenditure for 2016-17


Number of Pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received 2016-17

Total number of pupils on roll 198

Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 21

Amount for Service Children £4,500

Amount for LAC £1,900

Amount for FSM children £21,120

Total amount of PPG received £27,520


Proposed spending

Resources £8,000

Enrichment £3,500

Training £1,700

Renewable resources £1,327

TA Support £13,000


Objectives for the year

  • To improve the quality of spelling to ensure that at least 62% of disadvantaged children are working at or above chronological age.
  • To increase the percentage of disadvantaged  learners at Cherhill who are working at greater depth in Reading, Writing and Maths to 33% at end of Key Stage SATs
  • To diminish the difference between the progress made by disadvantaged learners at Cherhill, so that it is line with the progress of non-disadvantaged learners nationally.
  • To increase the percentage of disadvantaged FS2 middle attaining children on entry, so that they are exceeding by the end of FS2 in Reading, Writing and Maths.

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